is the best.  a nickname i gave to myself when I was a 10-year-old in summer camp.  i am the best: the best me. i love interesting and wholesome things and i will share them with you here.

i am into beauty. i love music. i live style. food is my jam. deals are my heartbeat. and a self-care practice is how i keep it all together.  i’m a well rounded creative with no job-title and no desire to have one. i am jet, i am the best.


giving life a try

i have done a lot things but mostly i am a try-er.  I like to try things, experience people and places, religions, hairstyles, jobs, lovers, body types, etc.

right now i am trying out what a life is without definition.


my goals

to create value by affirming beauty, sharing stories and connecting global narratives through fellowship and fun.

join me

while i chronicle my journey, buy cool things i source from artisans and makers of color, and you can read things I write and share in my ever changing life here.