Holla For A Dolla: Beauty Supply Aesthetics

I love to look good.  I love to really feel authentic. ever since i was a girl i loved accessories.  my mother, aunt, sister and cousin wore lots of gold and costume jewelry. it had an influence on my personal expression and to this day plays a role in determining or showcasing my mood.

Final_sallay s1 cuban linx hoops 06.jpg

A few years ago I was feeling frisky and creative. it was just at the beginning of January, that time of the year where there is this shared social momentum towards being focused on goals and having a positive outlook on the future ahead. i was with the shits that year, so yeah!  i was inspired to shop for cool earrings to sell!

i thought of this concept "Dolla Earrings," and it immediately made me think beauty supply jewelry aesthetic.  I shopped around NYC to find some really cool styles that are both typical in material and unique in silhouette.


I was playing with these concepts of the fake golden bamboo earrings that are iconic to beauty supply accessory display. It really served as a mental inspiration for how i should think about what i was buying.  I decided to open up a shop online, and after much mulling about I have assembled a lifestyle site that sell earrings, accessories and eventually other things - things that speak to me.  

setting, working towards, and achieving goals is a big part of the work i am doing right now for self care.  let's just say - playing dress up is a sigh of relief for me - cuz i am going through mad changes trying to be a better me.  i am on the self care struggle bus but i opted to use an outlet like a blog and web store to work through some of my challenges (in public?). yup! i will share experiences, ideas, writings, questions, lists and a bunch of other fly shit that is helping me out.

fnal_sallay s1 JL hoop 05.jpg

Sallay was my beautiful model. Her expressions and youthfulness really added to how i think many stylish people include pieces into they're looks.  i was really excited to shoot these earrings using natural light and an elaborate backdrop.


these are probably hands down my favorite earrings.  they have SO MUCH ATTITUDE! I have several pairs of these for my personal collection (😈) and only a few for sale.  I would suggest getting them. [sallay is hitting it with the eye contact.]

so fucking dreamy...

so fucking dreamy...


rarely do i wear a choker but i saw the dungaree (as the old head call em) thick band and thought it was cute. i am a firm believer in denim.

sallay s1 cactus ring 02.JPG
sallay s1 indiana chandelier 07.jpg

Check out the store here and see all the earrings we have in stock.  Once these are gone -they're gone.