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micro aggression aren’t always so small.

Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach Florida

weird because I am standing on dixie highway - in front of a museum of contemporary art. this lovely tree - existed before this building was constructed, and grew during the harshest of jim crow - and here i stand as a free woman - who still needs a pass to freely move through spaces . just an hour before taking these photos - right before we went inside to look at my partner’s captivating and revealing exhibition - some tall nazi like fella accosted us. we hopped out of the car…approaching the only entrance dedicated to museum guests. “no pictures! who are you here with? this is private event.” we calmly share our contact - and like that - our questionable presence is seemingly tolerated and the man disappears. later this man was introduced to us - not as security but as some wealthy man’s minion - saying “we met earlier.” MET!?! his disgust in being forced to shake hands and share his title and why he belonged in the space, was not hidden. my lack of interest and and repulsion behind his damp clammy hands, lay hidden behind my dark shades and smirk. a shame the things one becomes accustomed to.

a real candid. thanks luquanna for calling me.

a real candid. thanks luquanna for calling me.

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